Undergraduate Training

Undergraduate Research Assistants (For Credit):
Every semester approximately 3-5 students work in the laboratory as research assistants (for credit).  Activities and responsibilities vary, but these may include helping run experimental protocols, collecting and managing biological samples, conducting behavioral coding of video tapes, contacting participants, and assisting with other laboratory administrative needs. Advanced students are also expected to be involved in specific research projects leading to conference presentations and/or publications.

The application process to join our lab is very competitive. We receive dozens of applications each year for just 1-2 spots. Applications are accepted usually in the mid-winter term to join the lab in the following spring or fall term. If you want to join our research lab, please contact Dr. Lopez-Duran in the winter term for more information. Competitive students usually meet the following criteria:

– Freshman or sophomore status at the time of the application* 
– GPA greater than 3.5
– Psych270 grade A- or better
– Interest in graduate school in psychology, neuroscience, or medicine
– One academic year commitment

*We only accept seniors who may be involved in the ADP master program.

If you meet these criteria and want to apply to join our lab, please contact Dr. Lopez-Duran during the week after Spring Break during the winter term, but visit this website before sending the email for updates.

2021-2022 Update. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting new students into the lab for the 2021-2022 academic year because I will be on leave.