Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Michigan PAL located?
Our lab is located on the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor central campus, in the Department of Psychology. The entrance to the Department is at 530 Church St., between North University Ave. and South University Ave., and it is directly across the street from the Church St. parking structure. Directions and maps can be found here. Once you have scheduled a time to come to the lab, we will mail you detailed directions and a parking pass to be used during the time of your visit.

Who do I contact if my child is eligible and we are interested in participating in the study?
Please contact usĀ at info@michiganpal.org

What are the risks associated with participating in mood research and these studies in particular?
The risks are minimal. Emotional discomfort answering questions and mild physical discomfort while briefly submerging one’s hand in cold water during a lab task are possible risks. To minimize the emotional discomfort, the researcher will inform you that you do not need to answer questions you find objectionable.

Will my child’s school be notified if we participate in any of your studies?

My child has school and extracurricular activities, can Michigan PAL operate around our schedule?
Yes. We are able to work around busy academic and extracurricular activities. After school, early evening and weekend appointments are available.

What are the criteria for parental depression? Did I have to be formerly diagnosed and/or medicated to be eligible for your studies?
Only our DROYD Project requires that at least one biological parent have a history of depression. While a formal diagnosis and/or the use of medication is not required for participation, we will conduct an initial screening to determine your eligibility.

My child has ADHD, is he/she still eligible to participate?

If I have more than one child who meets criteria for one or more of your studies, may they both participate?

If a person in my family has previously participated in research at the University of Michigan, am I still eligible?
Yes. If you and your child meet the criteria for one of our studies, you may participate regardless of current or past family involvement in U of M research studies.

Who should I contact if my child is experiencing symptoms of a mood disorder but is not yet old enough to participate in any of these studies?
You should first contact your child’s primary care physician. A complete physical examination is an important first step. Your doctor can help you begin the process of accessing helpful services. Also, the local resources and websites listed above will help guide you towards greater knowledge and professional assistance.

Are your studies considered treatment?
We are currently not conducting any treatment studies.

Does it cost anything to participate in your study?
Aside from possibly travel costs to and from our laboratory, participation in our studies should not cost anything to your family. On the contrary, families receive a monetary compensation for their participation.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at info@michiganpal.org