Recent Publications

At Michigan PAL we make great efforts to make our research findings available to the greater scientific community. Below you will find a list of all of the manuscripts published by our team. This list includes manuscripts from studies conducted at our laboratory and from studies conducted in collaboration with other laboratories.


Under review:

  • McGinnis*, E., Shull*, A., Vargas*, I., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (Under Review). Wake Time Mediates the Link between Depression and the Cortisol Awakening Response in children and teens.
  • Lopez-Duran, N.L., Kuhlman*, K.R., Bylsma, L.M., George, C., Kovacs, M. (Under review). No evidence of cognitive flexibility deficits when processing affective stimuli in youth at familial risk for depression.
  • Vargas*, I., Diaz*, V., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (Under Review). The effect of sleep on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis stress reactivity in middle childhood.
  • Vargas*, I., Mayer*, S., & Lopez-Duran, N. (Under Review). The cortisol awakening response (CAR) and depressive symptomatology: Examining the moderating role of sleep and sex


  • McGinnis*, E., Lopez-Duran, N.L., Martinez-Torteya, C., Abelson, J., Muzik. M. (In Press). Cortisol Awakening Response and Internalizing Symptoms Across Childhood: Exploring the Role of Age and Externalizing Symptoms. International Journal of Behavioral Development
  • Kuhlman*, KR., Vargas*, I., Geiss*, E., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (In Press). Age of trauma onset and HPA-axis dysregulation among trauma-exposed youth. Journal of Traumatic Stress
  • Lopez-Duran, N.L., McGinnis*, E., Kuhlman*, K.R., Geiss*, E., Mayer*, S.E. (In Press). Evidence of atypical HPA-axis regulation to psychosocial stress in children and teens with clinical depression. Stress
  • Kuhlman*, K.R., Geiss*, E.G., Vargas*, I., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2015)  Differential associations between childhood trauma subtypes and adolescent HPA-axis functioning. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 54, 103-114.
  • Harkness, K.L., Hayden E. P., Lopez-Duran, N. L. (2015). Stress Sensitivity and Stress Sensitization in Psychopathology: An Introduction to the Special Section. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 124(1), 1-3
  • Kimel*, S.Y., Lopez-Duran N.L., Kitayama S. (2015) Cortisol and cognitive dissonance: No evidence of a physiological stress response to post-choice dissonance. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
  • Simonsic*, T.E., Kuhlman*, K. R., Houchins*, S., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2014). Facebook use and depressive symptoms in college students: The role of personality factors. Computers and Human Behavior. 40, 1-5
  • Mayer*, S.E., Abelson, J.A., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2014). Cognition and stress context interact in shaping neuroendocrine reactivity during childhood: Implications for stress reactivity research. Hormones & Behavior. 66(2), 457-465
  • Lopez-Duran, N.L., Mayer*, S.E, Abelson J.L. (2014). Modeling neuroendocrine stress reactivity in salivary cortisol: Adjusting for peak latency variability. Stress, 17(4), 285-295
  • Abelson J.L., Erickson, T.M., Mayer*, S.E., Crocker, J., Briggs, H., Lopez-Duran, N.L., Liberzon, I. (2014). Brief cognitive intervention can modulate neuroendocrine stress responses to the Trier Social Stress Test: Buffering effects of a compassionate goal orientation. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 44, 60-70
  • Vargas*, I., Lopez-Duran, N.L., (2014). Dissecting the impact of sleep and stress on the cortisol awakening response in young adults. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 40, 10-16
  • Kuhlman*, K.R., Olson, S.L., Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2014) Predicting developmental changes in internalizing symptoms: Examining the interplay between parenting and neuroendocrine stress reactivity. Developmental Psychobiology. 56(5), 908-923.
  • Lopez-Duran, N.L., Kuhlman*, K.R., George, C.J., Kovacs, M., (2013) Facial expression recognition in children at familial risk for depression: Evidence for oversensitivity to sadness in high risk boys. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 54(5), 565-574
  • Kovacs, M., & Lopez-Duran, N.L. (2012). Contextual Emotion Regulation Therapy: A Developmentally-Based Intervention for Pediatric Depression. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America. 21(2), 327-343
  • Lopez-Duran, N. L., Nusslock, R., Kovacs, M., & George, C.J (2012). Frontal EEG asymmetry moderates the effects of stressful life events on internalizing symptoms in children at familial risk for depression. Psychophysiology. 49(4), 510-521
  • Feng, X., Forbes, E.E., Kovacs, M., George, C.J., Lopez-Duran, N.L., Fox, N.A., & Cohn, J.F. (2012). Children’s Depressive Symptoms in relation to EEG Frontal Asymmetry and Maternal Depression. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 40(2), 265-276.
  • Olino, T.M., Lopez-Duran, N.L., Kovacs, M., George, G.J., Gentzler, A.L., Shaw, D.S. (2011) Developmental trajectories of positive and negative affect in high and low familial risk for depression. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 52(7), 792-799
  • Olson, S. L., Lopez-Duran, N. L., Lunkenheimer, E.S., Chang, H. & Sameroff, A.J. (2011). Individual Differences in the Development of Early Peer Aggression: Integrating Contributions of Self-Regulation, Theory of Mind, and Parenting. Development and Psychopathology. 23(1), 253-266
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  • Mayer, L., Lopez-Duran, N. L.*, Kovacs, M., George, C., Baji, I., Kapornai, k., Kiss, E., & Vetro, A. (2009). Stressful life events in a clinical sample of depressed children in Hungary. Journal of Affective Disorders. 115(1-2), 207-214. (*Corresponding Author)