Student Projects

Completed Doctoral Dissertations

2017. Stefanie Mayer. Examining the Relationships Between Chronic Stress, HPA Axis Activity, and Depression in a Prospective and Longitudinal Study of Medical Internship.

2016. Ellen McGinnis. Mood Dysregulation Assessment in Young Children According to Research Domain Criteria.

2016. Elisa Geiss.The Impact of Parental Behaviors on the Experience of Stress in Adolescent Offspring of Depressed Parents.

2016. Ivan Vargas. Investigating the effect of sleep deprivation on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-axis functioning and attentional biases to emotional information: an experimental study.

2014.Kate R. Kuhlman. Characterizing the role of different childhood trauma subtypes in the neuroendocrine functioning of youth: implications for adolescent depression.

Completed Masters Theses

2013. Stefanie Mayer. Cognition and Stress Context Interact in Shaping Neuroendocrine Reactivity during Childhood

2013. Ellen Waxler. Sex Differences in Infancy Predictors of Problem Behaviors among Toddlers of Mothers with Childhood Maltreatment Histories

2012 Elisa Price. Preschool to preadolescence: Association between early and concurrent maternal warmth and childhood internalizing symptoms.

2012. Ivan Vargas. The Effect of Sleep on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Stress Reactivity in Middle Childhood

2010. Kate R. Kuhlman. Maternal warmth and cortisol reactivity predict early adolescent internalizing symptoms

Completed Senior Undergraduate Honors Theses

2014 Kathleen Duemling. Cortisol Awakening Response and Youth Depression: The Impact of Anxiety, Age, and Sex.

2014. Alexa ShullRumination Mediates the Impact of Personality on the Development of Depression During the Transition to College.

2014. Paige Galecki. Testing a Novel Video-Chat Based Social Reward Responsiveness Task to Predict Depression During the Transition to College

2013 Ketie Beck. College Freshmen Mental Health Literacy and Service Utilization: An Intervention

2013. Sean Hauchins. Mechanisms and Outcomes of Metta Meditation

2012. Teague Simoncic. Facebook Depression Revisited: The Absence of an Association between Facebook Use and Depressive Symptoms

2012. Peter Kotvis. Effects of Acute Stress on Risk Taking in Financial Decisions

2011. Veronica Diaz. Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis And Regulation As Predictors Of Depressive Symptoms In College Students

2010. Shannon Olinyk. The Association Between Depression, Obesity, and Body Satisfaction Among College Students