Teens & Stress


UPDATE: The Teens and Stress Study is no longer accepting new participants into the study.  For additional information email us at DROYD@michiganpal.org 

 About the study:

During adolescence the rate of depression increases, which may be related to how teens handle stress. Understanding this process in depth may help us create new treatments that prevent the onset of depression in teens. For this reason, we are studying stress management in teens who have not experienced depression.

Who can participate?

  • Boys and girls 12 to 16 years of age who do not have a history of depression

What are the benefits and risks of participating?

  • Help us identify how teens handle stress
  • Families receive $50 for completing the study
  • Risks may include minor psychological discomfort during the laboratory visit.

What will I be asked to do, and what are the risks?

  • Visit our research laboratory for 4 hours to complete questionnaires, an interview, and a brief stress task

Please note:

  • This is not a treatment study. Information gathered will only be used for research purposes.